Tips for Mixing Great Brunch Cocktails

Any time that a bunch of friends or relatives get together is always a good time for celebration. Even if you think there is nothing worth celebrating, the fact that you are all together at the same time should be reason enough. It is this kind of mentality that has led to the increasing popularity of brunches. In the past, people normally used to meet either over lunch or over breakfast but, with time, most people found that it was more convenient and definitely time saving to simply combine breakfast and lunch and call it brunch.

What makes a great brunch cocktail?

Going by the definition, it is obvious that a good brunch must have elements of both a good lunch and a good breakfast. That means that there could be a meal involved but there must definitely be a drink. And here is where most people get confused. What, ideally, should be the best drink to have for brunch? If you are not really sure which drink to go with, you can simplify your choice quite easily by deciding to go with a special cocktail of drinks instead of sticking with any one particular drink. A brunch that is made up of great cocktails is guaranteed to maintain the mood and add more life to the party. Of course, while most people will probably want someone with some experience to do the actual mixing of the cocktails, it is worth pointing out that mixing brunch cocktails is not exactly what you would call an exact science and there is really no right or wrong way of doing it.

Mixing the cocktails

Anyone can mix a brunch cocktail- they just have to go with their personal tastes and preferences in order to get it right. If you are not sure and confident in your own abilities then you might want to seek some assistance. Fortunately, you can find recipes for making a brunch of great cocktails using readily available ingredients without having to look too far. Another option is to simply stick with the classics. It is safe to say that there are very few guests at a brunch that will be averse to enjoying at least one Bloody Mary while they are at it. In fact, drinks like the Mimosa and Bloody Mary have almost become the unofficial symbols for brunches and a brunch can never really be good enough unless at least one of these two drinks is included.

Even when preparing one of the classic brunch cocktails, you might still want to remember that the mixing of the cocktail is not scientific. On the contrary, it is always a good idea to try to use your imagination while preparing the cocktail. Try to experiment a little. For instance, if you love your drinks a little stronger then you could opt to use three parts of Absolute Vodka instead of the usual two parts that are used in a typical Bloody Mary. It might take you more than a few tries before you finally get it right but you and your guests will eventually be happy grateful that you took the time to try.