The Most Delicious Pancake Recipes Made with Yellow Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is behind us and I already miss it big time. I have no idea how I’m going to give up eating ice cream every day (sad face). Grey and cold days are ahead of us and I was thinking how to prolong the summery fresh taste for a little bit longer. The obvious choice are fruits, of course. The first thing to do are home-made compotes and jams. This year on my menu are plum jam and peach compote (already done) and preparing frozen fruit stashes.When it comes to vegetables, they are trickier to freeze but the yellow ones (potato, corn, squash) are available any time fresh and tasty, so you don’t need to worry.

The Yellow Pancake Road

The most important thing for me is that I am sure that my frozen fruits are completely safe and unprocessed, which is very important because I intend to feed my kids with them for a longer period of time. Now, I know that certain fruits and vegetables can be bought all year long but their out-of-season taste is…bland. Those frozen fruit stashes will prove very useful during the long winter days (and nights). You can use them in smoothies and juices to begin with, but what’s more important (at least for me and my kids) is that you can use them in desserts. Oh yeah!

Let’s see. Ice cream is out of question because of the kids, unless I manage to sneak some for me and my husband without them knowing. But I have a great sponge cake recipe that can be made with any kind of fruit. For me the best variation is with sour cherry or peaches.

Since pancakes are in a class by itself in our home when it comes to desserts I will use the frozen fruit stashes mostly for them. This year my favorite color is yellow. I don’t know why I just feel like bringing sunshine into our home in a big style. I love the sweetness and freshness that yellow fruits bring to any kind of dessert, especially to pancakes. Pancakes are my all-time favorite dessert because of their simplicity.Another awesome recipe

Yellow Fruits Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

Bananas rule when it comes to pancakes. Besides just adding banana to your basic pancake batter you can use it to prepare much healthier variations. Bananas can replace regular flour because of their thickness. You can just mix them with eggs and you will get the easiest pancake batter in the world. They are also a great substitute for sugar because of their natural sweetness. Not to mention all those delicious toppings like foster bananas. Yummm!

Pineapple Pancakes

Of all the pineapple pancake combinations I have learned that pineapple makes best matches with rum and coconut. Try the Pina colada pancakes which blends all these flavors in one delicious tropical pancake.

Lemon Pancakes

Nothing beats lemon pancakes in the morning for fast and efficient waking up. Add both lemon juice and lemon zest to your favorite classic pancake recipe and top with blackberry jam for extra freshness and lightness. Or combine with cottage cheese and add poppy seed to prepare extra fluffy, soft and protein-packed breakfast.

Don’t forget to serve your yellow fruit pancakes with a cup of coffee and top them with your home-made compotes, jams or fruit syrups.

Yellow Vegetables Pancakes

Potato Pancakes

Here is why I love potato pancakes: whenever I have leftover mashed potatoes I can reuse them into super tasty pancakes. They are as simple as it gets. Just mix mashed potatoes, egg, flour, season with salt and pepper, and add any optional ingredients like cheese and garlic.

Squash Pancakes

Jamie Oliver has the best leftover squash pancakes recipe, made with roasted squash, cheese, egg, flour, milk, and spiced with chili, rosemary and nutmeg. Enough said. Roll up your sleeves and make it now!

Corn Pancakes

You can use fresh corn kernels to capture its golden sweetness and add some pearly texture or use cornmeal to replace regular flour or mix it with regular flour. The choice is yours.

Ok, we’re done. Now that we’re all set for the winter we can sit back, relax and eat some pancakes. Enjoy.