Start Improving Your Dining Out Experience

When ordering in a restuarant, whether it’s in-house or takeaway we often overlook the restaurants reputation and how good the food is they are serving. When using popular platforms, we can often get a good indication to how good they actually are.

I think we’ve all dined in a restaurant and felt lethargic after eating too much, left angry because of the bad service provided, or felt misinformed with extras added on to the bill during or after eating. It’s not something we wish to go through when dining out, so taking that into consideration; what are restuarants doing in order to exceed customer satisfaction?

After doing thurough market research into the matter, we found the most popular restaurants are listening to their customers through social media, or customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer satisfaction surveys have proven to be popular in the recent years, with restaurants allowing their customers to provide feedback to the company, allowing them to better understand their customers needs or hurt points whilst providing extra added value services including sweepstakes, free coupons and more.

Having looked at how the top restaurants operate, we covered some insights into the top performers and their own satisfaction surveys including TalkToWendys and MCDVoice. We found that customer satisfaction rose when customers where given the option to complain, without the shouting scene in the restaurant when it comes to leave.

The top companies often use companies such as Medallia or some of the alternatives..

We feel that it’s an important topic which should not be overlooked as a consumer, or restaurant owner. With one happy customer, may become 10 through word-of-mouth and friends.

Bare that in mind when you are next dining out, and be sure to check the restaurant rating and ensure that your dining at a reputable restaurant. There’s no question, that we can’t satisfy everyone so the only thing we can do is work towards our goals of best serving customers with great tasting food, special offers and a smiley face once they have finished.