Need a Quick Lunch Recipe? Prepare a Pasta Salad

If you ever find yourselves in a situation when you need to fix a quick lunch, be it for your children, and yourselves, there’s no need to go any further than your laptops. You can find an easy lunch recipe and in a matter of minutes, you will get a hold of it.

Pasta Salad for Lunch

Since I love pasta, be them carbonara, or the plainest mac and cheese, a lunch-appropriate dish made with pasta is just right up my alley. Do you know what else I like? Salads! I love vegetables in general, so much so, that if it weren’t for my guilty pleasure (chicken nuggets) I would have gone vegetarian a long time ago.

This being said, I will reveal my all-time favorite pasta salad recipe ingredients.


Be them long, bow tie-like or just tube-shaped, (spaghetti, penne, farfalle) pastas, are of course, the vital part of pasta salads. You can either have them fresh or dried, and cook them al dente or soft, this comes down to preferences.


The best part about pasta salads is they go perfectly together with all sorts of vegetables. So, if you have some tomatoes at hand, or even peppers and carrots, don’t be afraid to toss them in a bowl and mix them with some boiled pasta.


Another one of my guilty pleasures, mayo, is a great ingredient that makes every pasta salad recipe ridiculously delicious.

Basil Pesto, made out ofbasil leaves,extra virgin olive oil, garlic, Parmesan andPecorino cheese, and the best part pine nuts, this condiment is definitely a must when it comes to pasta salads. (I love it with spaghetti)

The Best Pasta Salad Recipe

The best easy pasta salad I have ever prepared, and tried, for that matter is a recipe that calls for ripe tomatoes.Combined with onions, parsley, wine vinegar and basil, and of course some salt, sugar and black pepper, tomatoes make a great sauce to accompany the pasta (in this case spaghetti). Although I have given you a slight insight into the ingredients that this recipe calls for, you should read the recipe through making sure not to skip a step. The preparation of this pasta salad recipe will only take you up to 50 minutes, but if you are not a fan of warm sauces, you will still have to wait a while prior to mixing the tomato mixture and pasta together.

You can serve the salad with crusty French bread and sprinkle it with some Parmesan cheese. Or, go for plain or flavored croutons to make things even more interesting. Either way, you will definitely be glad you decided to try this recipe.

Regardless of whether you decide to go for my personal favorite pasta salad recipe or some other pasta salad, choosing this dish over a more time-consuming and complicated one is definitely a good idea. Not to mention, you will feel full without the burden of having overeaten.