Facts About Banana Bread That Will Make You Love It Even More

While we all enjoy a scrumptious slice of banana bread, I bet only a small fraction of us banana bread lovers know a thing or two more about this delicious recipe besides it being, well DELICIOUS!If you are looking for delicious banana bread recipes that are also very easy to handle, then visit MyGreatRecipes, but if you are in for some knowledge build up in the field of quick breads then you are welcomed to read along.

Banana Bread Origin

Let me tell you the story of how the first banana bread came to be. Maybe not the best way to start a story as to whose beginning you are not quite sure. Because the no one can pin down the moment in history when the first banana loaf was baked, but there is a story that I found pretty interesting and it has to do with an elderly lady baker who found ripe bananas to be just the ingredient she needed to leave guests in a hotel in Kingston, Jamaica in awe.

How Banana Bread Gained in Popularity

Now, this is the part when I have some pretty straight forward information to reveal. It was actually in the 1930s that banana loaf production bloomed. It was partly because of the Great Depression and the desire not to throw away bananas, and partly because of the invention of baking powder, the fast leavening ingredient for quick breads in general. (including the banana one).

The 1960’s were the time when it made its way in cookbooks with many different variations of the original recipe.

National Banana Bread Day and Ideas of Celebrating It

This quick bread is so popular that it even has its own National day. February 23rd is observed asthe National Banana Bread Day, so why not celebrate it in style by preparing one of the following banana loaf re-inventions.

Banana bread muffins

The best thing about the banana loaf batter is it can easily be baked in another form. So get a muffin tin and pour the batter in the individual holes. It will take a little less time to get baked, but these will be equally as delicious.

Banana bread donuts

Yup, these exist. And the best part is, you can fill them whatever you feel like, or even top them with glaze and sprinkles and change the whole banana loaf experience. Kids will love these donuts, guaranteed!

Banana bread pancakes

All the banana loaf tastes in the form of a pancake, now that is what I call a total win! You will be frying rather than baking, so this variety will be a tiny bit less healthy than the regular one, but it will also be much less time-consuming. So, there is no reason why not give these pancakes a try.

Now that you know a thing or two about this classic American dessert, you should rest assure that no one will outwit you on a February 23rd gathering. Get your aprons and start fixing the batter for the next banana bread recipe!